In Loving Memory of

Slim Shady

1997 - 2024

It is with heavy hearts and mixed emotions that we gather here today to honor the life and legacy of Slim Shady. Slim Shady wasn’t just a persona; he was a force of nature, a lyrical genius who pushed boundaries and challenged the status quo.

Born out of the depths of Marshall Mathers’ imagination, Slim Shady burst onto the scene with unapologetic ferocity, captivating audiences with his raw, unfiltered rhymes and controversial antics. From his devil-may-care attitude to his razor-sharp wit, Slim Shady fearlessly tackled societal issues, personal demons, and everything in between, leaving an indelible mark on the world of hip hop.

Throughout his illustrious career, Slim Shady released groundbreaking albums, shattered records, and earned countless accolades, cementing his status as one of the greatest wordsmiths of our time. From “The Slim Shady LP” to “The Death Of Slim Shady,” his influence reverberated far beyond the confines of the music industry, inspiring generations of artists and fans alike.

But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. After years of jaw dropping performances and boundary-pushing artistry, Slim Shady has taken his final bow. While his physical presence may no longer grace our stages, his spirit lives on through the timeless music and profound impact he leaves behind.

In honor of Slim Shady’s legacy, a funeral will be held to commemorate his life and contributions to the world of music and culture. Details regarding the date and location of the funeral will be announced in the coming days, allowing fans from all corners of the globe to pay their respects and bid farewell to a true legend.

As we reflect on the life of Slim Shady, let us not mourn his passing, but celebrate the incredible journey he undertook and the lasting impression he made on us all. Though he may no longer walk among us, his words will continue to echo in our hearts and minds, reminding us to embrace our true selves and never shy away from speaking our truth.

Rest in power, Slim Shady. We “Will Never Forget.”

Em Memória Com Amor ao Slim Shady: Celebrando a Vida de uma Lenda

É com extrema tristeza e emoções mistas que nos reunimos aqui hoje para honrar a vida e o legado do Slim Shady. Slim Shady não era apenas um personagem; ele era uma força da natureza, um gênio lírico que desafiava limites e questionava o status quo.

Nascido das profundezas da imaginação do Marshall Mathers, Slim Shady irrompeu na cena com ferocidade sem desculpas, cativando audiências com suas rimas cruas e não filtradas e suas ações controversas. Desde sua atitude de não se importar até seu humor afiado como navalha, Slim Shady enfrentou sem medo questões sociais, demônios pessoais e tudo ao longo do caminho, deixando uma marca indelével no mundo do hip hop.

Ao longo de sua carreira brilhante, Slim Shady lançou álbuns inovadores, quebrando recordes e conquistando inúmeras honrarias, consolidando seu status como um dos maiores mestres das palavras de nosso tempo. Desde “The Slim Shady LP” até “The Death” Of Slim Shady”, sua influência reverberou muito além dos limites da indústria da música, inspirando gerações de artistas e fãs.

Mas como diz o ditado, todas as coisas boas chegam ao fim. Depois de anos de performances eletrizantes e uma arte que desafiava limites, Slim Shady deu sua última reverência. Embora sua presença física não dará mais as graças nos palcos, seu espírito vive através da música atemporal e do profundo impacto que ele deixa para trás.

Em honra ao legado do Slim Shady, um velório será realizado para comemorar sua vida e contribuições para o mundo da música e da cultura. Detalhes sobre a data e local do funeral serão anunciados nos próximos dias, permitindo que fãs de todos os cantos do mundo prestem seus respeitos e se despeçam de uma verdadeira lenda.

Enquanto refletimos sobre a vida do Slim Shady, não devemos lamentar sua partida, mas celebrar a incrível jornada que ele empreendeu e a impressão duradoura que ele deixou em todos nós. Embora ele não caminhe mais entre nós, suas palavras continuarão ecoando em nossos corações e mentes, nos lembrando de abraçar nossos verdadeiros eu e nunca hesitar em falar nossa verdade.

Descanse em poder, Slim Shady. Nós “Nunca Esqueceremos [Will Never Forget]”.

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  1. Victor User Says

    Dude was the reason I start listening to rap. RIP.

  2. Micheal User Says

    I’m waiting for this masterpiece

  3. Micaela User Says

    Slim Shady will never really die. You will forever be with us. WE LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️.

  4. Micheal User Says


  5. French stan User Says

    This man made me love hip-hop and for his funeral i’m gonna dye my hair blond to commemorate

  6. kiaya User Says


  7. Magic User Says

    Slim Shady is the reason I am still here. At the time of every close attempt of su*cide I listened to this great man and he reminded me that the world is shit and there is nothing we can do about it but to keep living in it. You will never be forgotten by the world.🙏 Fly high the greatest artist who brought a whole new genre and level to music. You raised me more than my father ever could. R.I.P. Slim Shady🕊️ Love: Stan

  8. bokep indo User Says

    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time
    a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Many thanks!

  9. Stefania User Says

    The best Rapper in the World.
    I can’t believe it. His voice Neverending.

  10. jay User Says

    R.I.P slim, you we’re the reason why I am what I am today, thank you for the masterpieces ( music’s) that we will never forget, I love you a lot 🫶🏻 .

  11. Eyad User Says

    RIP Slim shady is the best rapper of all time

  12. Jamie User Says

    Slim shady taught me that my dark side is good. He helped me express my “wicked ways” , make sure everybody knew what “my name is”. He taught me to stand up and be the real me. Slim shady may be dead, but the real slim shady lives on. Rest in Power Slim

  13. Antonija User Says

    The legend of the angry blonde lives on through you when I’m gone…

  14. MH User Says

    From a small country in the Middle East, rap music is something I never thought I’d be related to. Slim helped me discover my true self through his music.

    ” للأبد حيّ بقلبي “

  15. gwipper User Says

    Slim shady showed the dark side of rap and lifted me out of a dark time RIP

  16. Sarah User Says

    Man, Slim Shady was a really amazing person. He helps me a lot during my teenage years. May his soul rest peacefully. 🕊️

  17. Jack User Says

    He was like a father to me. RIP Slim 🖤

  18. Brayden User Says


  19. Rowan Bush User Says

    Said the things that needed to be said about the world, without a care in one.

  20. Mc User Says

    Slim changed my life back in ’98, I remember listening to the slim shady lp tape in my Walkman on the bus to school. Hid the tape from my parents. Good times.

  21. alice User Says

    maybe slim shady may be dead in reality, but he will live forever in our hearts 🫀❤️🕊️

  22. Thomas De Felice User Says

    The only person who had the balls to spit out everything he had in is mind

  23. Meghan Collins User Says

    Dear Slim, THANK YOU! Words can’t express the impact you’ve had on my life. Legends never die. SHADY FOREVER.

  24. Patrik Milazim Murati User Says

    I hope this is just a change of Direktion and not the Last Album. Slim Shady might be dead, but Eminem is still there!

  25. James Turner User Says

    Wouldn’t be here without you slim. That’s real. Love ❤️

  26. Heidi User Says

    Slim Shady, you helped me a lot even though you don’t really know me. It’s only thanks to you that I started listening to rap. Thanks so much for everything!

  27. Luis Quezada User Says

    I’ll never forget buying the slim shady lp when I was 12 years old. “Brain damage” was my favorite song on the album. 6the grade was never the same. You influenced the way I dressed, the way I talked and made me not give a fuuuuuucckkkk! Rot in pieces SLIM!

  28. Trevor User Says

    Slim shady was everything to me … he was the guy I always thought I was … you were everything to me man … if you want to kill off slim shady fine… but I will not accept no dam retirement from you Eminem , please …you better keep making music for us man we need you …. 10 more years man …lol at least ❤

  29. Etip User Says

    Dude, I’m writing a book about you in Ukrainian, about your entire path. Give me the blessing to do this.

  30. Anthony Peralta User Says

    In the end of “Bad Meets Evil” Royce and Slim ended the song with “See you in Hell”, “I’ll be waiting”. Is this Slim’s “death”? And on his way to hell to meet with Royce? and god knows what else. I don’t know man… trying to decode this message maybe I’m Over thinking!

  31. Alex User Says


  32. Sarah User Says

    Forever in our hearts and minds. RIP SLIM SHADY…We’re going to miss you.

  33. William Mair User Says

    Slim Shady lives on in our heart and minds.

  34. Oscar User Says

    Slim you will be missed, but, it was good having you around.

  35. Rhys User Says

    he peed on me once. haven’t washed my leg since 🙏 RIP slim

  36. Joe User Says

    He was true to the game

  37. Anthony H User Says

    Slim Shady Was Truly Brain Dead Like Jim Brady While Also Packing A M80 And While That Image Remains In The Minds Of All Of Us Listeners Who Remain Her In Psychical Form We Must Also Remember that SLIM SHADY Even In Death Still Doesn’t Give A Fuck About What Critics And Fans Alike May Think About Him Or The Legacy He Leaves Behind But in His Death We Must Ask If Its All Truly Over?

  38. Sam.h User Says

    Slim was the first person to teach me how to insert a gerbil into myself. He’s still crawling around there until this day.

  39. Johnnychingon User Says

    I used to hide his tape from my parents like bad report cards

  40. Karina narvaez User Says

    Slim shady thank you for all the music 🎶! For all moments that you were when my life was so down! Thank you!

    Slim Shady will never die.

  41. Maurício User Says

    When I was twelve years old, I stole a box with several CDs from my brother and one of them was the Marshall Mahers LP, since then, I haven’t stopped listening to Hip-Hop…
    I started listening to that CD and it gave me emotion, power, self-esteem and made me feel real!
    Tks Slin and you were right… there is a Slin Shady in each of us!
    from Brazil 🇧🇷

  42. Maurício User Says

    When I was twelve years old, I stole a box with several CDs from my brother and one of them was the Marshall Mahers LP, since then, I haven’t stopped listening to Hip-Hop…
    I started listening to that CD and it gave me emotion, power, self-esteem and made me feel real!
    Tk’S Slim and you were right… there is a Slim Shady in each of us!
    from Brazil 🇧🇷

  43. Tracy User Says

    Every time I stand up, it will be in his honour. RIP Slim 💜

  44. luigirosaniaa User Says

    Started from 2017 with Revival, I discovered every song I possibly could. Even King Mathers, even Relapse 2. I loved every moment I shared with his music and I always will.
    RIP Slim Shady

  45. Zurochi User Says

    Where do I start, slim shady for me is a father, I lived without one and now I can say that slim is not only the goat, it’s my goat 🐐

  46. nate case User Says

    nate case on spotify

  47. nate case User Says

    nate case x ca$his new song out now on spotify

  48. Project Pete User Says

    SLIM SHADY FOREVER!! Always so convincing and inspiring!
    Because of you when I was 10 I almost tied a rope around my penis and jumped from a tree!! Yup! I wanted to grow up to be just like you!! 😭🙌🏽 👑
    And if we offended them… Good!… cause we still don’t give a FUCK! RIP 🪦 🐐

  49. Melina User Says

    He will always be a part of me remember listening to him while I was pregnant just to feel my baby kick when she heard him. ❤❤love u always

  50. Ibrahem khaleel aka B . A . B User Says

    Slim shady was the motivation for me and inspiration. You can say he built my personality from a shy guy to a raw guy who never gave a fuck anymore and don’t care about what people thinking about him, yes it’s me slim, you are the one and the only.
    You will be forever in my heart. Rest in power shady, we will never forget.

  51. Agustín Lobos Nuñez User Says

    Descansa en paz 🕊️ Slim Shady tu legdo será recordado por el mundo entero por traspasar fronteras y países como una leyenda
    del hip hop.


  52. Tara Evangelista User Says

    Slim, your existence is the epitome of freedom and creativity. A nuisance to the FCC, to congress, and many more— you were a catalyst to many individuals’ growth and a constant in our playlists.
    May you continue to diss the haters in your afterlife. With love, from Las Vegas, Tara

  53. Christian User Says

    Dear Slim, I’ll never forget the first time I heard your voice, I’ll admit I was a little scared but I have to say, I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s also fun to watch my mom hate on you. Anyway thanks for everything man you’ve gotten me through a lot of stuff.

  54. sam User Says

    Slim, your epitome of a spitter was phenomenal. Your music the main reason I started listening to rap. RIP SLIM 🪦

  55. Shavonne Hicks User Says

    Slim Shady was the reason I don’t let anyone or anything get the best of me. I don’t let people take advantage of me anymore. I always stand up for myself no matter what. Even if I’d be another woman dead from popping off at the mouth with shit I shouldn’t have said. I just don’t give a fuck. I’m gonna miss you Slim Shady. I just can’t finds the right words to express how much. This shit hurts man… Rest in Pieces Slim Shady. 🖕🏾🖕🏾

  56. KTHKNG User Says

    Slim…you were like a BROTHER TO ME!!!! I struggle to even find the words to explain the sorrow I feel. May you greet Lucifer with a shit eating grin and chop his red head off. Theres a lil shady in all of us now. See you in hell…(for the sequel?)

  57. JaymeLyn Rich User Says

    I’ll never forget the day in 1999, at the age of 13, when I first heard you rhyme. Your words may have shocked some, but they helped me feel less alone. Someone else had the same anger I did. Someone else used humor to get by. The energy that radiated from the stereo bled into my soul and has lived there ever since. Thank you, Slim. You provided an outlet to those who needed it. Most of all, to Marshall himself.
    Rot In Pieces 😉

  58. Vladyslav Mytsai User Says

    Слім, ти є найкращим! Завдяки тобі я почав робити музику і творити божевільні речі! RIP, man!

  59. hash whatsapp User Says

    Today, I went to the beachfront with my kids.
    I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said
    “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell to her ear and screamed.
    There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back!
    LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to tell someone!

  60. Sheikh Suhaib User Says

    slim shady was ruthless and untouchable.he messed with the biggest names in the industry.the legacy of ken kaniff will live on😊stir crazy is still one of the illest tracks to exist🥰

  61. Kayla User Says

    Slim Shady helped me get through the darkest time of my childhood trauma. His anger was channel for mine.

  62. Trouble Maker Da Rapper User Says

    My mom bought me the Slim Shady LP on boxing day from Zellars. I was surprised she got it for me, because she turned the album around and looked at the track listing, there’s no censorship on that album cover, so she read all the swear words and still got it for me. I was like 12 and shocked lol. Ty mom and RIP Slim, I spent allot of time with my Eminem cds in my room and playing my ps2, life was great back then. Love you slim, my mom’s favorite track was Cleaning Out My Closet. I hope your soul finds peace now Slim, much luv ❤💜

  63. Cris User Says

    I will always love you Slim❤️

  64. Bernardo Rodrigues User Says

    R.I.P to the one who gave us the best rap albums and songs🙏🏼🕊

  65. Trill God Adrian User Says

    that mathers lp is what got me into rap. without it i wouldn’t be able to listen to trill gods like swag588 RIP SHADY

  66. Domanic User Says

    He helped me through my fathers death and now I must learn to take a loss on my own :love Youngie

  67. Mikael Andersson User Says

    Dear Slim! You taught me to slap bitches, do a ton of drugs, wave with my middle finger and “just don’t give a fuck”, you made me a “criminal”and you was a true “role model”, I’ve looked up to you through the years as a father figure, fuck Eminem if he was you’re killer, it’s truly “insane” that you have left us, may the “bagpipes from Bagdad” sound loud as you decend to the earth and my you ressurect from the “underground” and fuck everyone up, Rot in pieces Slim, Love, Stan from Sweden

  68. Luïs User Says

    R.I.P slim 🙏🏼

  69. Nick User Says

    S.H.A.D.Y till the day i die!!!

  70. Joseph Schwenn User Says

    “I’m not in the mirror I’m inside you, you couldn’t kill me even if you tried to.”
    Slim will keep coming back like Jason Vorhees.

  71. Jake User Says

    R.I.P. Slim Shady
    May you live on in our hearts and souls and let us mourn the loss and commentate the passing and you shall be known as one of the best artist of the time and Slim’s legacy will be remembered in his music. 💔

  72. Amber Laidley User Says

    R.I.P Slim. Your music helped me get through some pretty shitty times from when I was a teen to adulthood. Thank you for all the years of your amazing talent.

  73. Alice User Says

    Slim Shady will always stay in us. He saved many lifes and also mine ♡ R.I.P.

  74. Danny Daoud User Says

    Wait hold up for a second there’s no way this is real right?? This some kind of propaganda???

  75. Matthew (Stan’s brother) User Says

    I wrote to you but you still ain’t calling?

  76. Bonnie User Says

    You saved so many lives, we appreciate your existence deep in our core, my dad introduced me to em When I was very young, I was so mesmerised watching your videos and not understanding, to now understanding everything, your talent has never gone unnoticed. will forget back shady til I d.i.e. Thank you for you, forever mr controversy ⭐️🫶

  77. George User Says

    Slim Shady. The craziest, most rebellious character to ever exist. The type of person you’d believe that he was mentally deranged. But even then, he had a good side to him. Always admitted that he’s also human, he has his own flaws, and was always honest, and also just straight-up made everyone around him laugh. You’ll forever have a special place in our hearts. You may be gone, but you’ll never be forgotten, we shall rejoice every time we hear the sound of your voice. RIP Slim Shady.

  78. Luke User Says

    Put most beautifully and elegantly –

    “Chicka-chicka-chicka Slim Shady, hotter than a set of twin babies” 🙌

    R.I.P for the UK 🇬🇧

  79. Damian User Says

    When i was a kid i could spend my all day in front of TV waiting for Slim’s songs. My first idol. I love music so much now, becouse of him. Sending love from Poland.

  80. Tareque User Says

    Dear Slim, most might think of you as very wacky, particularly because of the things you said in early stages. But Slim, you walked me through my hardships when all i could see was my own blood in my hands. I had the best of times with you, spending most of my time listening to you. You will be missed but “there’s a slim shady in all of us”. RIP Slim Shady

  81. Oliver Harrison User Says

    Dear Slim you truly inspired me and saved me from my lowest point in life.

  82. Jake User Says

    R.I.P. Slim Shady
    May you live on in our hearts and souls and let us mourn the loss and commentate the passing of Slim Shady and you shall be known as one of the best artist of the time and Slim’s legacy will be remembered in his music. But Slim Shady is never dead unless everyone is dead as there is a Slim Shady in all of us that doesn’t GIVE A FUCK. Slim Shady is not dead but unless the human race is extinct Slim Shady will live on in everyone’s souls, his flame will never be extinguished, his fire still burns bright like the sun and will never fade until the end of time.

    People the first half I have written in a previous comment and made some changes

  83. dom User Says

    rip slim shady, you’ve been my greatest time 🙏🏻

  84. Alexa User Says

    Stop the bullshit, there may be no more crazy, young, dangerous Slim Shady. BUT MARSHALL WILL ALWAYS BE. No matter how old he gets, a part of Shady will always remain in him. This guy himself admitted that if he ever had to stop rapping, he would “jump out of a window”. There is no way that it will give satisfaction to mgk. Even the 80-year-old Marshall is better than any younger artist. A legend is a legend. The guy was born to do this. To summarize: Eminem=Marshall=Slim Shady. We love you Doody, no matter what happens or how old you are. None of his true fans will start listening to shit like mgk. Never ~ ALEXA

  85. Vany User Says

    Rip Slim Shady you would have loved eating soap 💔

  86. Xavier User Says

    Will The Real Slim Shady Please STAND UPPP!!!
    The Legend, The Hero, The ICON!!!

    He will FOREVER live within all of us & it is up to us the carry his legacy in our hearts in everything we do so that the next generation will know his name. The O.G. The GOAT of all GOATS.

    Rest Easy King.

    Sincerely, yours…

    Your biggest fan,

    This is Stan.

  87. Isaac User Says

    R.I.P Slim Shady, the greatest of all time

  88. Wayne User Says

    I remember sneaking into my spare bedroom with my cousins to get a listen of the Slim Shady Lp because my Mom wouldn’t buy me the CD. My mind was immediately blown. I never heard such talent, rawness, and story telling ability before. I couldn’t get enough and finally convinced my parents to buy the album weeks later. This was over 20 yrs ago and I remember it vividly. When Relapse dropped it was like that same feeling all over again except the horrorcore version. Shady XV gace us a similar taste but with a modern twist. Em has made sure to include Shady in every album to give his fans a glimpse of his alter ego but as time goes on it seems to be more difficult for him to let Shady out. I know to enjoy it while it lasts because I’ve been afraid of this day for a long time. You will be surely missed Shady but not forgotten!

  89. The Batman User Says


  90. Miks User Says


  91. Trent Holeman User Says

    When I heard Slim Shady for the first time I had no words for what I was experiencing. It was all the things your parents tell you not to do and say but in a format that drew you in. His word play was fresh and his cadence was unforgettable. Let’s not mince words, had Slim Shady not walked, Eminem could not have ran.

  92. SkwataMan User Says

    The first person I can even remember hearing musically was Shady, and he’s been my guilty conscience every step of my life. Screamed with me threw the dark, laughed with me threw the light. He’s the reason I’ve reached the levels I have rapping, he’ll never truly be gone because threw us? He’s Infinite 💐💐💐

  93. Chelsea User Says

    Slim shady was the first artist I ever listened to my first single cd was my name is, my first album was the marshal Mather’s lp that I used to play on my bright yellow portable cd player.

    I grew up listening to slim, I listened when i was high, sad, drunk, happy, hurting and everything inbetween, slim got me through my darkest times with a smile and fuelled multiple relapses, slim helped me to channel my anger not only onto myself but on the world and everyone in it that done me dirty.

    It’s true that every single person has a slim shady lurking – we might not be spitting on your onion rings but we’re loose cannons with no self control and no filter, we’re hurt people who hurt those around us without second thoughts and we often perceive the things the way we see them as a pose to how they really happened.

    Slim shady was a huge part of my life but as I got older I too killed my own slim, I made peace not just with myself but anyone who had hurt me, I got clean and sober and turned my life around- for years my own slim kept taunting me in the mirror and waiting for me to have a moment of weakness that never came.
    I killed slim 6.5 years ago, but Marshal will forever be a part of my life, my story and my future.

    When you grow up you realise letting go of the mask is so much more important than staying in the past.
    Most em/slim fans have been through some tough shit, were a different breed and most of all were still standing and waiting to finally close that chapter.

    RIP slim shady, you were a voice to millions but may marshal live on! Can’t wait for the new album
    Chelsea 💖

  94. Chelsie User Says

    I just put 9″ nails through each one of my eyeballs. I think I’ll just go ahead and drink a 5th of Vodka & go drive around listening to your songs.
    Best lead singer of the band.. always and forever!
    RIP SLIM 🖕🏻

  95. MarQuise Shaw User Says

    Slim shady theory by MarQuise Shaw. It’s nighttime, Slim shady is going to kill someone again. Slim walks by the staircase and out of no where. He gets stabbed in the chest by a hooded figure. He sees the person’s face and he is thrown down the stairs with knife in his heart. Bleeding and gasping for air and can’t move a muscle, finally Slim shady dies. The black hoodie figure sees what they did and walks away. We have
    Eminem, Marshall Mathers, 50 cent. 3 suspects. Eminem and slim shady always didn’t like each other and eminem wanted Slim shady to stop his antics but we heard Slim Shady killed eminem. Did he really? Eminem wanted revenge? Marshall Mathers wants slim shady to be put away for good so he can focus on his children and family. Marshall feels the same as eminem but if Marshall killed slim doesn’t that make a bad example for Marshall? Now 50 cent. 50 said slim isn’t a friend, he is a psychopath. Maybe 50 had trauma from slim shady and wanted it to go away and thought killing him would make everything better for him and society, 50 is like a superhero (gattman). Slim shady is a deranged person and murderer with 17 rapes and 400 assaults. Who could have killed a man who kills. We have to find out. (I think it was hailie jade. I think it would be a nice touch to say hailie killed slim because eminem and hailie on a song together again would be adorable and she can be apart of the album.) That’s all from – MarQuise Shaw, 15, Lithonia Georgia. Rest in peace slim shady. This don’t feel real. We lost a guy who spoke for us when we felt silent. He never gave a fuck and I love that about him. Fuck cancel culture. Slim Shady 👱🏼‍♂️🖕🏻❤️

  96. Aegean User Says

    I got through most of my girl problems with kill you. I got through most of my depression with fack. And i got through a ton of problems with a lot more songs. I had fun with every last one of them.

  97. Finn User Says

    I was born with a dick in my Brain. You could say fucked in the head. But Slim saved me

  98. Caryn User Says

    Slim Shady lives on forever in our hearts. I’m staying blonde forever and always will always “stand up” in his honor.

    Now what about the trailer park girls going round him outside ? They need love also. ♥️🐐

  99. vinicius User Says

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  100. Robertamire User Says

    Sveiki, es gribēju zināt savu cenu.

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